The final product of a 65 year accumulation of worldwide living and working experience, knowledge, practice, customer care, attention and services in all aspects of the Real Estate business BRAMPTON TRADE REAL ESTATE was officially founded and registered in Switzerland in late 2004 by its present shareholders. Locally better known under the name “Regie Brampton Immobilier” the company engages in private, commercial and investment transactions in real estate and also embraces construction and renovation. The holding company is a family owned business “par excellence” created and founded by the third generation of the Cuendet family and is very much inspired by the Real Estate and Commercial heritage of the two previous generations of the Cuendet Dynasty. With our original and personalized approach to customers and businesses and through proactive direct marketing we aspire to provide quality and focused service rather than trying to be “all things to all people”. This has always been our key daily mission statement influenced by our mother company. This generates a positive influence on the way we conduct business with our highly estimated customers, clients, owners and tenants bringing us closer to them. By acting in this way we are able to provide a high level of tailor made, efficient and proactive service by listening to our customer’s needs before anything else. 

Today, the company is proactive in the following domains:

  • Building and renovation
  • Private full property management
  • Full house and technical care for privately owned properties (personalized concierge service in all means)
  • Property management
  • Purchasing of real restate based on specific mandates given clients located in the entire world
  • Real estate project realisation
  • Real estate Project survey and supervision from “A” to “Z”
  • Relocating be it for individuals or companies
  • Rental management
  • Sales of private, commercial, investment real estate
  • Indoor and outdoor Home design
  • Individualized and personalized real estate project study

Based on the strong and close partnership we have with Premium Partners like Banks, International and local Law offices, International and local Accounting companies & Consultants, International and local insurance companies, International and local moving companies, local car dealers, local provider of any type of activty & services related to your numerous expectations etc. In resume,  we are able to handle everything that is directly or indirectly related to real estate; all this in order to match your needs and make it as easy as possible for our aimed Customers whom trust and rely on BRAMPTON since years.

In other words, we are a Highly Motivated Efficient and Dynamic Team, ready to assist you in the way you need as long as it is in relation with our domain or related ones named above, a sort of “à la carte” manner.

This way of proceeding avoids having to deal with more than one neither direct partner nor contact.

The international holding company fully owns or has shares in other companies that complete all of our services and offers but, is also active, in different domains such as international trading, import, export, industries, marketing, B2B; home design etc.